Are Gummy Bear Breast Implants the Best Choice for You?

Gummy bear breast implants, also known as cohesive breast implants, have become a popular choice for women who want a more natural look and only want to increase their breast size by one or two cup sizes. Unlike traditional silicone implants, gummy bear implants are much firmer and tend to maintain their shape. They can give you that much more rounded appearance and add some coveted curves if you are especially flat-chested. Are these implants right for you? Here’s what you need to know:

What Should I Consider When Choosing Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Unlike saline implants, gummy bear breast implants are less likely to rupture and leak. You don’t have to worry that the shell will break and the compounds will leak into your body. The cohesive gel filler compounds maintain their shape and any ruptures that occur will happen along the shell folds. In some rare cases, the shell of the implants can break and the patient would need to undergo another procedure for a new set of implants.

Other key benefits of gummy bear breast implants include:

  • Reduced risk of capsular contracture – Cohesive gel implants are less likely to leave you with firm scar tissue (capsular contracture) because the tissues are less likely to contract around the firmness of the implant.
  • Maintains its shape – the full, rounded appearance of gummy bear implants can help to create a more attractive upper-body silhouette and complement your frame. If you are looking for rounder, more perkier-looking breasts, cohesive gel implants may be a better choice than silicone implants.
  • Won’t wrinkle or fold – since gummy bear implants are so firm, you won’t see any wrinkles or folds under your skin. They naturally create a very smooth, rounded appearance and tend to stay that way for years and years.
  • More comfortable – many patients with gummy bear implants report that they can’t feel these implants under their skin. Unlike saline implants which are often felt rubbing under the skin’s surface, cohesive gel implants sit firmly under the tissue and are hardly noticeable.

Think you might be a good candidate for gummy bear implants? Talk to a board-certified cosmetic surgeon about your options.