Are Adjustable Breast Implants Right for You?

If you’ve been thinking about undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, consider the benefits of adjustable breast implants. Adjustable implants are designed to change in size after the surgery for a more custom fit. These are a good match for patients who are unsure about what size of implants they should get, and how the implants will really look and feel. These implants still offer the natural look and feel of silicone implants, but the surgeon can increase or decrease the volume of the implants as needed to achieve your ideal bust size.

Why should I Get Adjustable Breast Implants?

Some of the reasons why you might choose adjustable breast implants over regular implants include:

  • Can be fine-tuned to create your ideal breast size without additional surgery. Once the implants have been inserted, the surgeon has the freedom to increase and decrease the volume of the implants at your request.
  • Can improve symmetry of the breasts. If one breast has always been slightly larger than the other, adding a set of same-size implants won’t correct the problem. Adjustable breast implants can correct asymmetry because the surgeon can make one breast slightly smaller than the other and create a more balanced appearance.
  • Reduced risk of scarring. If you’re getting implants that are a few cup sizes larger than your natural breast size, adjustable breast implants may reduce the risk of excessive scarring. The skin around your breasts may be very tight for a while, but will gradually adjust without extensive stretch marks and no need for additional incisions.