Am I A Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Post surgery breast reduction picture -
Most of us have been deluded into thinking that having large breasts entails sexiness. Maybe it does, but do we really know what the repercussions are if we have them? According to studies, having extremely large breasts have been linked to numerous physical discomforts. These include experiencing backaches, neck pains and even numbness in the hands. On extreme cases, migraines can also be experienced, which further cause shortness of breath and movement restraints such as being unable to do aerobic exercises.
Knowing these, should we then conclude that those of us with large breasts should undergo breast reduction surgery? Not necessarily. There are certain factors to look into before we can consider ourselves candidates for breast reduction surgery.

Does my breast size interfere with my normal anatomical structure?

This means shoulders looking unusually rolled forward due to the excess weight of our breasts. This shift in the anatomical structure actually causes nerve fibers to compress enough to cause pain. If we are experiencing this, let us make sure to go see a doctor for a more thorough examination.

Do I experience shortness of breath, headaches and pain across my shoulders due to excess weight from my chest?

These symptoms can be a little tricky because there are many other factors that can cause shortness of breath and headaches. Just take note that if these are caused by nothing else but the weight we feel on our chest, then you may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. Some cases even show how some girls experience numbness in their arms or nerve tingling sensations caused by the weight on the shoulders pulling on nerves behind the collar bones.

Does the size of my bra match with the size of my breasts?

Sometimes, the pain we experience is not really due to extremely large breasts. There are instances when we buy a bra that doesn’t match our breast size. Therefore we have to make sure that these two sizes coincide because it will only cause us pain, discomfort and shortness of breath as our breasts are being choked by the size of our bra.
Besides all these points that we must consider, it is also advisable for us to seek the help of an expert. We must take time to see our doctors. As claimed by studies, large breasts pose an alarming health problem that can be addressed not through losing weight or physical therapy or pain medication, but through surgery.

Photo By Christina Welsh [Creative Commons]