Alarming Plastic Surgery Trend: Teens Going Under the Knife to Prevent Bullying

If you’re the parent of a teenager or child who is being bullied because they are overweight or perceived as unattractive to their peers, would you let them get plastic surgery to fix their flaws? An alarming trend that has been covered in the media lately is the rise of plastic surgery procedures in teens and “tweens” – those who are approaching their teenage years. Children and teens as young as seven years old are reportedly going under the knife to stop bullying at school. Is this plastic surgery gone too far?

Many plastic surgeons in the United States and Great Britain believe that having these kids and teens go under the knife to correct actual or perceived “flaws” could do more harm than good. Dr. Lloyd Krieger of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery points out that, “some kids are bought in by parents who are upset that their kids are made fun of in school for their ‘dumbo ears’…in the case of breast augmentation or liposuction, the teen has to be pushing for it themselves.

If your teenager is considering plastic surgery, or you are the parent of a child who is in need of plastic surgery, take a look at some plastic surgery before and after pictures so that you have realistic expectations about the outcome of different procedures. Minors undergoing plastic surgery may recover more quickly from certain procedures, but they may also be at risk for a lot of side effects. It’s important to discuss your options and expectations with a cosmetic surgeon or board-certified plastic surgeon before the minor goes under the procedure.

Teen Plastic Surgery Trends

So what are the most popular procedures among teenagers and the tween population? Rhinoplasty and otoplasty (ear pinning) are among the most-asked for procedures amongst youngsters because these facial features are so prominent and an easy target for bullies. CBS DFW reports that two sisters, of 11 and 13 years of age, underwent ear-pinning surgery to stop bullies from making fun of their protruding ears.

In countries like Brazil – often nicknamed the capital of plastic surgery – young girls are often pressured to look like beauty pageant queens and participate in beauty competitions at a very young age. For them, liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and even chin surgery are a few popular procedures that can help these youngsters achieve a Hollywood-inspired look.

Is plastic surgery for teens a good or bad idea? Share your thoughts in the comments below.