A Flat Stomach Without the Work? How Body by Thermage Can Help

Deemed as a highly effective alternative to a tummy tuck on hit television shows such as Nip Tuck and Extreme Makeover, Body by Thermage is quickly becoming a popular choice for people who don’t want to pursue surgery to achieve that flat stomach or six-pack abs. The non-surgical procedure makes use of radio frequency technology that stimulates the production of collagen  – the natural fibers that hold skin, fat and muscle tissues together – so that the treated area becomes firmer, tighter and stronger.  

What is the Body by Thermage Procedure?

The Body by Thermage procedure is designed to tighten the skin in commonly sagging areas such as the thighs, stomach and buttocks, and not only improves muscle and skin tone, but can also increase collagen production so that patients maintain results for the long-term. After the FDA approved Thermage for body contouring in 2006, thousands of people booked up appointments to tighten and tone up loose skin, reduce wrinkles and improve their figure. Some patients report immediate results, while others notice a difference after a series of treatments as the body begins to produce collagen on its own.  

Body by Thermage is also known as ThermaCool, ThermaLift,Radiothermaplasty, Tummy Shrink Lift, Tummy Heat Shrink Procedure.  It may be especially effective for treating skin on the stomach and waistline, because it helps to tighten and tone up loose skin around the midsection – an area that typically does not respond to diet and exercise alone. Body Thermage can be administered to all skin types, and aging skin may require a series of treatments in order to achieve desired results. While it cannot replicate the effects of liposuction, liposculpture and other extensive procedures, it can help tighten and firm up the skin and muscle fibers for a more sculpted look.  

How to Achieve a Flat Stomach with Body by Thermage?  

Loose skin around the waistline or excess skin on top of the abdominals can be challenging to eliminate with exercise and healthy eating.  When the excess skin and fatty tissue is a result of genetics, cosmetic surgery enhancements such as Body by Thermage may be the most effective solution.  

This video provides an overview of the Body by Thermage trend in body contouring: 


The Body by Thermage procedure involves administering a device over the treatment area so that the muscles and skin begin to contract. The device delivers high energy capacitive radio frequency (CRF) waves deep into the skin’s layers to ‘injure’ the skin. This triggers collagen production, which in turn helps the skin look firmer, tighter and more resilient, and since there are no incisions or surgery involved, you can return to your regular schedule immediately after treatment.

According to Dr. Rita Rakus of the U.K., some patients will see results right away, while others will notice dramatic improvements between 8 – 12 weeks after treatment (Source: DrRitaRakus.com). The procedure may be ideal for women who are trying to achieve their pre-pregnancy figure, those with excess skin around the stomach after weight loss, or anyone who wants to tighten and tone up the midsection without surgery.

Learn more about body contouring and Body by Thermage in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out why Thermage may be the easiest way to achieve a flat stomach and sculpted waistline.