A Closer Look at Eyelash Transplant Procedures

Longer, thicker and fuller lashes are the ideal for many women who want to highlight their eyes and enhance their natural beauty, and most turn to mascara or false eyelashes to create the perfect look. However, a hair restoration doctor showcases a new option for anyone who wants to enjoy the celebrity-inspired looks permanently; the eyelash transplant procedure is an alternative to heavy makeup and eyelash extensions, and can help create thicker, denser and more natural-looking eyelashes after just one treatment.   

Are you ready to say goodbye to lash-extending mascara for good?  Here’s how the eyelash transplant procedure works:  

How does the Eyelash Transplant Procedure Work?  

The eyelash transplant or eyelash extension procedure involves a series of small incisions at the top and base of the eyelid, followed by an insertion of the eyelash hairs. Hair follicles from the scalp are extracted and then implanted into the eyelid in specific areas; stitches help secure the hairs in place, and the doctor can insert between 24 to 40 lashes for the treatment. The entire process takes less than two hours, and some mild swelling, bruising and pain can be expected for up to a week after the treatment (Source: eyelash-transplant.com).

Most of the pain and redness will disappear within 7-10 days, and this can be managed with over the counter pain medication and rest. After a period of 6 – 12 months, the transplanted lashes begin to grow naturally and can be trimmed down to the perfect size. Eyelash transplant maintenance may be as simple as trimming, perming and tinting the lashes to create a more natural effect. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, a Miami, FL hair transplant doctor who also offers eyelash transplants at his practice explains that the hairs will continue to grow for a lifetime, and typically need to be trimmed at least once per month. The rate of hair growth will vary by individual, but in most cases, will look relatively natural as the eyelid recovers (Source: Foundhair.com).

Are You a Good Candidate for Eyelash Transplants?  

Eyelash transplantations aren’t only a good match for those who want to skip their usual makeup routine; the hair restoration procedure can also be beneficial for those who are losing their hair from cancer or chemotherapy treatments, or those who have experienced trauma to the eye area and the hair is not growing back. You may be a good candidate for eyelash transplants if you:  

  • Have undergone restorative eye surgery that has limited eyelash growth
  • Have lost hair from overuse of eyelash extensions
  • Have accidentally pulled out your eyelashes after excessive makeup use or curling your eyelashes
  • Simply want thicker and denser lashes that look natural  

Those with a history of trichotillomania, a condition of excessive hair pulling, are not good candidates for this hair restoration procedure since it can put them at risk for over-plucking and pulling hairs even after the treatment. Behavioral therapy and professional help for trichotillomania before pursuing eyelash transplant treatments is recommended.  

Learn more about hair restoration treatments and facial cosmetic surgery in our information guide, or consult with a hair restoration specialist in your area to find out if you’re a good candidate for the eyelash transplant procedure.