6 Ways to Lose the Fat Before Spring Break Season

Warmer months ahead mean it may soon be time to sport that bathing suit and work on that tan, but is your body in beach-ready shape? If you’ve been struggling to lose those stubborn “vanity” pounds this winter or just want to tone up and trim down before you hit the sun and sand, a trip to the cosmetic surgery center or medical spa can help. Here are six treatment options and procedures that can help you lose that excess weight before Spring Break season:

#1: Zerona for Fat Loss

Zerona is the latest solution for getting rid of unwanted body fat and is now available at hundreds of medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers around the country. This innovative technology makes use of lasers that help emulsify the fat under your skin without requiring any incisions. Experts say a series of six Zerona treatments over the course of two weeks is all it takes to lose a few inches from the stomach, hips and thighs. This procedure could be just what you need to slim down before Spring break revelries begin.

#2: VelaShape for Fat Loss

VelaShape is designed to reduce inches around the hips, thighs and stomachs using infrared heat technology. The device is pressed against your skin to create a tightening effect, and the process may help you shed a few pounds when you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regiment throughout your treatment plan. A series of four to six VelaShape treatments is recommended to achieve desired results.

#3: Endermologie for Weight Loss

Endermologie is another non-invasive solution or losing a few pounds and inches. In this procedure, your muscles and tissues are sculpted and toned using heated mechanical rollers. The treatment feels like a deep tissue massage, and is designed to stimulate fat and water loss to create a leaner, more sculpted silhouette. While results may not be permanent, you will be able to slim down by a few inches just in time for bathing suit season.

#4: SmartLipo for Fat Loss

If you’re considering surgery to get rid of body fat but don’t want to undergo an extensive liposuction procedure, SmartLipo may be a good option for you. This procedure is a variation of traditional liposuction and requires making only very small incisions around the treatment area. The doctor can extract small amounts of fat quickly and efficiently, and without causing major damage to surrounding tissues and blood vessels. It’s performed on an outpatient basis and boasts faster recovery times than traditional liposuction procedures.

#5: Body Jet Water Assisted Liposuction for Fat Loss

Water-jet liposuction has been available at select cosmetic surgery centers around the world since 2007, but only recently entered the U.S. market. This procedure promises to get rid of cellulite and tighten up the skin. It may also help you lose a few pounds and inches from your arms, thighs, stomach and back. This fat loss procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis and also promises faster recovery times than traditional liposuction.

#6: Mesotherapy for Weight Loss

Mesotherapy injections are designed to dissolve fatty tissue and help you lose weight over a period of a few weeks. This treatment is currently available at medical spas and some cosmetic surgery centers in the United States, and is a virtually painless treatment option for those with a few small pockets of fat. If you’re looking for a non-surgical alternative to liposuction that offers fast results, you may be a good candidate for mesotherapy.
Learn more about the latest liposuction procedures in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic surgeon in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for any of these fat loss procedures.