5 Things You Should Know about Breast Reduction Surgery

It’s truly a matter of choice. Some women like their large breasts, some want theirs smaller. That is where breast reduction surgery comes into play. Breast Reduction surgery is done to remove excess fat, tissue and skin from the breast.

What are Two Reasons Women Want a Breast Reduction?

  • Cosmetic: Women are embarrassed because their breasts appear disproportionate to the rest of the body
  • Pain: Women complain the size and weight of their breasts are causing pain in their back and their bra straps are causing painful indentations in their shoulders

What is the Success Rate of Breast Reductions?

The results, if done right, are a set of full round breasts that don’t embarrass or hurt you. In fact, according to www.medsolution.com, there is a 98% success rate. Part of ensuring the success rate works, in your favor, is finding the right surgeon for you.

What are some Questions I Should Ask About Before Breast Reduction Surgery?

Request before and after pictures: Reviewing a surgeon's work is your best bet. Compare body shapes and sizes to yours to get a general idea of what you could look like. The more photos, the better idea you get on your doctor experience level

Request success rates: Your doctor should be evaluating his success rates. How many times has he/she been asked to go back in and correct the surgery? What is the percentage of complications that occur?

Request a mammogram: All patients should get a baseline mammogram before and after the surgery. Your doctor should want to know if there are any suspicious lumps before going into the surgery. In addition, a breast reduction can cause changes in your breast tissue, so you will want to follow up with a mammogram as well.

Request a breast reduction specialist: Just because Dr. Jane Smith gave your friend great breast implants, doesn’t mean she will be a great breast reduction doctor. The two surgeries are very different.

Request information about a breast lift: Once your breasts have been reduced, it is very likely they could begin to sag. Avoid being disappointed in your surgery by talking to your doctor about all of your options. Many women chose a breast reduction combined with a breast lift, to avoid potential sagging.

What Do I Do Now?

Start with LocateADoc.com.  Contact one or many of our cosmetic surgeons or board certified plastic surgeons today and start asking the questions above, until you find the right one.