5 Things You Need to Know about Breast Implants and Pregnancy

If you are thinking about getting breast implants but may be having children in the near future, you might be wondering if you should hold off on breast augmentation surgery until after your procedure. Many women have fears that breast implants will interfere with their pregnancy in some way, or that they will have trouble breastfeeding when the baby arrives. However, these are some common myths about implants and you can discuss all of these issues with your surgeon during your consultation.

What Should I Know About my Breast Implants and Being Pregnant?

1. Breast Implants are Resistant to Sagging after Pregnancy

Many women experience significant sagging of the breasts and tissue loss right after giving birth. If you have implants, you won’t experience any noticeable difference in your chest size and the implants will help you maintain perky, youthful-looking breasts.

2. You Can Still Breast Feed with Implants

Since the implants can be placed right under the muscle, they will not be sitting in front of the milk ducts. In fact, the muscle tissue acts as a layer of protection between the implants and the milk ducts so you can go ahead and breastfeed normally.

3. You’re Less Likely to Get Stretch Marks around the Breasts during Pregnancy

Since the implants will maintain their size and volume throughout your pregnancy and the implant volume won’t suddenly decrease after giving birth, you may be less likely to develop many visible stretch marks around the breasts.

4. Breast Implants Won’t Harm the Fetus

Implants are made with nonreactive materials and are even classified as medical devices. They will not harm your fetus in any way and have been deemed safe for pregnant women.

5. Your Breasts Can Still Swell with Implants during Pregnancy

It’s likely that your breasts will still swell and become fairly tender during and after pregnancy. This is normal, but you might feel much more discomfort than usual with your implants. Keep in mind that this pain will subside and it has nothing to do with the implant itself.

Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for breast implants before or after your pregnancy.