5 Things You Didn't Know about Getting a Tummy Tuck

If you’ve always found it hard to lose belly fat and maintain a six-pack, the tummy tuck procedure may help you achieve your ideal figure. This popular procedure removes body fat and excess skin around the stomach and waistline to create a slim, flat, and toned look. Many women get this procedure after having a baby, but it can also be performed on men and women who just want to slim down the midsection and achieve a streamlined look.

Here are five things you might not have known about getting a tummy tuck:

1. It’s more than just liposuction. While your plastic surgeon will use the liposuction technique to get rid of excess body fat, the procedure also involves removing excess skin and repositioning the abdominal muscles. If you want a very visible six-pack, your surgeon will need to tighten up the ab muscles and also sculpt away excess fat and tissue to create a more chiseled appearance.

2. If you gain weight, your body could be out of proportion. If you don’t maintain your weight after tummy tuck surgery and end up gaining a few pounds, the fat won’t accumulate around your stomach but will accumulate elsewhere. This can throw off your body’s proportions because your stomach will still be flat and tight.

3. You might be a better candidate for a mini tummy tuck. If you only want the surgeon to work on the lower abdominal area and get rid of a “stomach pooch”, you could get a mini tummy tuck instead. The mini tummy tuck involves fewer incisions and is less extensive than the full tummy tuck.

4. You’ll probably use up your vacation time to recover. You will need to take about two weeks off work to recover because you will be very sore and in pain during the healing process. You won’t be able to drive and you may find it difficult to get dressed in the morning.

5. Pregnancy will cause some damage. If you get your abdominal muscles tightened and repositioned, and then have a baby, the stitches will probably break and you will have to get another procedure to achieve your flat stomach. Make sure you’re aware of the effects of pregnancy and weight gain when you talk to your plastic surgeon about the tummy tuck procedure.