5 Things Cosmetic Veneers Can Do for You

If you have healthy gums but don’t like the appearance of your teeth, you could be a good candidate for cosmetic veneers. Both porcelain and composite resin veneers can improve your smile instantly by covering up some or all of your upper and lower teeth with a thin, tooth-like material. Veneers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for men and women who want to undergo a smile makeover and you can find a dentist that offers the most affordable services.

Here are five things cosmetic veneers can do for you:

1. Cover up damaged enamel. The enamel on your teeth can become worn and discolored over time. This problem is exacerbated by drinking coffee and tea, smoking, and by taking certain medications. Veneers can completely cover up the damaged teeth to create the appearance of much healthier smile.

2. Even out the teeth. If you have spaces between your teeth or chipped teeth, veneers will fill in and cover up all of these flaws to create an even smile. Many people get veneers specifically for a more even smile.

3. Brighter smile. Veneers are usually prepped so that they are the same color as your natural teeth, or a few shades whiter. The result is a whiter, brighter smile that also looks natural.

4. Covering up chips and cracks. Another primary reason why people get veneers is to cover up chips and cracks on their teeth. As long as your teeth are relatively healthy otherwise, they will be able to support a set of veneers. Veneers can be very effective for masking chips and cracks to create a more attractive smile.

5. Protect the surface of damaged teeth. Dental veneers can prevent the need for more extensive treatments by protecting the surface of the teeth with a well-fitting shell. This layer sits so close to your teeth that it is rarely noticeable. Over time, your teeth are less likely to become excessively damaged because they are covered by your teeth.

Do you think you’re ready for veneers? Talk to a cosmetic dentist in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for treatment.