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  • Tighten and Tone Arms with the Mini Arm Lift

    Vaser Liposelection Pictures and SmartLipo PicturesLoose skin around the biceps and triceps and untoned arms can make it hard to wear sleeveless tops and dresses, and you might find yourself hiding in long-sleeved shirts or wearing cap sleeves more often than not. Fortunately, some plastic surgeons are offering the ultimate fix with the mini arm lift procedure. This fat removal and skin tightening procedure can get rid of excess fat that “hangs” below the upper arm and creates a more sculpted, defined appearance.

  • Getting Rid of Underarm Flab aka 'Batwings'

    In this day and age, more and more people are wanting to be healthy and lose weight. However, not all of us can effectively lose the weight by exercise and dieting alone. Many people opt for bariatric surgery, which helps the patient effectively lose mass amounts of body weight fast. Unfortunately, the majority of us do not have elastic skin that will bounce back to contour the shape of our bodies. Age also aids in the process of sagging skin, particularly, in the upper arms. Often the solution is an arm skin tightening procedure known as arm lifts (brachioplasty).

  • Cosmetic Surgery Procedures to Get Rid of Armpit Fat

    The extra fat under you arms and around the armpit area can become very resistant to diet and exercise, and may be impossible to hide when you are wearing strapless tops and tight-fitting shirts. Fortunately, there are some cosmetic surgery procedures available that can help to get rid of armpit fat for good, and most do not require a lot of downtime. You can be in and out of the doctor’s office within a few hours when you get liposuction or other fat removal procedures, and these are typically performed under local anesthesia.

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  • Arm Lift and Plastic Surgery Increases with Weight Loss

    As most people are eating better and living healthier through exercise and diet, plastic surgeons are reporting a rise in procedures. More and more people are getting Botox than ever before and breast augmentation is still the most popular surgery since 2006.

  • From the moment you become and long after your precious bundle of joy arrives, you will go through overwhelming that will have a long lasting effect, which numerous women struggle with despite a rigorous diet and exercise regime.