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  • What are the Pros and Cons of over-the-counter versus prescription allergy medications?

    Lego Allergy Medication Picture - LocateADo.comCome spring and allergies get to have a free-run. Be it tree pollens, weeds or dust, one is never fully safe from allergens. The first instinct when in the grip of an allergy is to immediately buy an over-the-counter medicine to control the symptoms. Over the counter medications are the drugs which can be obtained without a prescription. The use of such drugs is legal and does not need any approval from physician.

  • What are the Top Five Ways to Strengthen your Immune System?

    Stress Picture - LocateADoc.comYour immune system is literally your safeguard of life. A compromised immune system turns fatal in a very short time. Here are some ways to give your immune system a good boost.

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  • Photo of Americans suffer stress LocateADoc

    How stressed out are you? Though most people experience the pressures of physical and mental anxieties at one time or another, it may be affecting our society more than you think. According to a recent survey titled “The Burden of Stress in America,” about half of the American public has experienced major stress in the last year.The poll was conducted to analyze the factors surrounding common anxieties and how participants experience and manage them in their lives. Many different aspects were surveyed, including the types of people experiencing worry, perceived causes and effects, and management techniques ranging from changes in diet to seeing a psychiatrist.

  • The popularity of e-cigarettes has exploded in recent years, and health professionals and regulators are working furiously to keep themselves and the public accurately informed on these nicotine products. The industry has now topped $2 billion, and the debates over the benefits and possible health effects of e-cigs are gaining more and more prominence as the products are become more widely and aggressively marketed.

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